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Aircraft acquisition

Acquiring a New or Pre-Owned aircraft is easier with Mesotis for many reasons. Mesotis Jets helps you identify the right aircraft to fulfill the mission you have in mind by providing an in-depth analysis of your mission profile.

Due to our vast aviation network and the relationships we maintain with many aviation professionals, Mesotis Jets is able to access exclusive information about off-market aircraft for sale and to deliver you a complete picture of the current market inventory and available pricing.

After identifying the aircraft to be acquired, Mesotis will manage the negotiation process on your behalf, including all pricing and delivery conditions to be eventually included in the Letter of Intent. We will arrange test flights and pre-buy inspections, negotiate the Purchase Agreement, arrange legal advice and assist you throughout the transaction. We can additionally provide financing support via our own network of financial institutions, ensuring your peace of mind every step of the way.

  1. Aircraft configuration and performance consulting/mission profiling
  2. Model selection
  3. Market search and evaluation
  4. Estimate of yearly operational expenses
  5. Comparison of specifications and options for pre-selected aircraft
  6. Price negotiations for the selected aircraft
  7. Drafting the Letter of Intent
  8. Visual inspection and document review at home base of the aircraft
  9. Advising on aircraft financing
  10. Advising on jet operator
  11. Advise and review of the Purchase Agreement

Aviation consulting
and strategic management

Mesotis Jets aviation consulting services are customer-tailored to your aviation mission. We provide in-depth knowledge as a resource for our clients on all relevant aviation topics and assist them with the process of standardising procedures, streamlining operational implementation of aircraft (entry into service), organising and managing new aircraft deliveries, demystifying post-acquisition projects and easing the complexities of aircraft financing.

We have also established a world class knowledge base to assist our clients with projects in emerging markets, including India, West Africa and China.

  1. Supervision of the obligations and duties of the Aircraft Operator
  2. Advice on cost optimisation
  3. Yearly audit of the operator and its accounting processes
  4. Advice on commercial use of the aircraft
  5. Advice on and support of directly employed crew
  6. Negotiation of any hangar parking agreement
  7. Supervision of any pay-by-hour contracts (maintenance programs)
  8. In case of any breach of contract, support  in bringing legal claims
  9. In case of additional employment question, support  with contract drafts and pricing negotiations
  10. Collection of management offers, if required, with local and foreign operators
  11. Commercial negotiation of future management agreement, if required
  12. Crew selection support
  13. Establishment of additional behavior rules, if required, and their implementation (security, special food wishes, specific goods or services required on flight…)
  14. Support and advice on any business aviation-related matter
  15. Protection of client’s business aviation interest and alerting the client if any interest is endangered

Aviation insurance

Mesotis Jets has created an insurance pool so that single aircraft owners can benefit from the buying power of already insured aircraft pool under its policy.

In cooperation with major underwriters we protect your assets completely by providing the following insurance policies:

  • Aircraft Hull and Spares All Risks, Liability and Crew Personal Accident Insurance
  • Aircraft Hull and Spares War and Allied Perils Insurance

Maintenance cost control programs

Mesotis Jets is the official representative of the largest independent Maintenance Cost Control Program providerin the world (JSSI) and the only provider that offers coverage for virtually every make and model of business aircraft,engine and APU.

We can therefore provide you with a customised cost control solution for your entire fleet and a single point of contact for allof your maintenance needs. The flexibility of JSSI programs coupled with their enormous accumulated buying power gives you far better financial options and benefits than any other aviation maintenance program on the market.

Aviation fuel

Through the cooperation with main fuel suppliers we have negotiated special prices and conditions for our clients. Mesotis Jets is able to fuel your aircraft at probablythe best price at any airport in the world.

Aircraft financing
and leasing

Mesotis Jets provides a wide range of leasingand financing solutions, from a simple Finance Lease to Asset-Based Financing, Wet Lease options, Dry Lease arrangements, Lease Backdeals and ACMI.

Private charter sales

Throughout the years Mesotis has established a wide network of operators based in Europe, Asia, Africaand the USA. Clients working with us will not only benefit from our negotiated charter sales rates but enjoy a personalised concierge service including logisticalsupport for your transportation to and from the airport,catering and any other special requests you may have.

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